Embrace The Pool Season Before Memorial Weekend

If you’re tired of dark afternoons, hold on tight as daylight saving time is March 12. The change comes eight days ahead of the spring equinox on March 20.

We’ve enjoyed a few days of warm temperatures, and we like to let all pool owners know that it’s really okay to embrace the pool season in March or early April. There’s this mindset that the pool gets scheduled to be open on Memorial Weekend. Why is that?

There are more pros than cons when opening the pool sooner than later. Obviously, we will always have Mother Nature playing an important role in every outdoor activity.

We will focus on Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Spring Fever—Plan Ahead And Get On The Calendar

You probably don’t think of opening your pool until warmer weather reminds you, but you may find our schedule has already filled up by then. Call us to schedule your pool opening in the beginning of the year especially if you have a specific date you want your pool open. Don’t delay this simple process. Or, better yet, request your pool opening services online.

Best Time To Open Pool—March And Early April

Algae Growth—Don’t Wait Until Memorial Weekend!

The sooner you open, the more likely you are to find a cleaner pool when that cover comes off. If you are using a mesh winter cover, sunlight is getting through, and your pool can become a breeding ground for various types of algae.

When opening your pool in the early months of March and April means less chance of algae growth. This, of course, will depend if you winterized your pool properly.

Keeping the pool clean and algae-free means catching it before it goes into full bloom.

Grant it, algae grows no matter what, but change in temperatures, especially in warmer temps, create a perfect environment for algae growth.

If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will

As the saying goes in our house when you are having a huge holiday party, your kitchen stove decides to play tricks on you. Always consider the possibility of some aging piece of equipment which may need to be repaired or, the inevitable, the need to replace. Unfortunately, pool equipment does get worn out, so always be prepared for the worst at the worst times.

By opening the pool earlier than later, there’s a good chance that you will use less chemicals than having the pool open in late Spring when the temps have already been consistently 70 degrees or more. Again, algae is your worst offender when it comes to your water chemistry. Warmer weather means more algae, chemicals, time and money.

Save Time—Use Our Professional Pool Opening Service

Our quality and professional Spring Pool Opening Service will assure that your swimming pool will be operating at peak efficiency. In addition to properly opening your swimming pool, we offer our pool owners a variety of services to choose from when opening their pool.

You choose what you want us to do—from winter cover removal, shock and balance pool water, vacuum pool to emptying and clean your swimming pool. Sign up today.

Service And Supply Location

Most pool owners take advantage of our convenient Delaware pool store right off 495 on Governor Printz Boulevard in Delaware (tax free). Whatever the need, we provide competitive pricing on top name products, state-of-the-art water testing, and an educated staff to support you, and your pool needs.

Enjoy The Pool Season Longer

Another perfect reason to consider opening your pool in March or April is to actually enjoy looking out your backyard knowing for sure warmer weather is on its way, and you have this beautiful pool ready for warmer days.

Now, enjoy that cup of coffee on the patio, and take advantage of the swimming pool season.