Whether it’s sanitizers, oxidizers, algaecides, water balancers, or bulk specialty chemicals, you can easily maintain your swimming pool by keeping your pool sparkling clean and beautifully balanced.

Make your swimming pool and spa inviting and healthy at all times by balancing your pool with the right pool chemicals all season long.


The Key to A Clean Pool: Chemistry

The best way to keep your pool clean is to monitor and maintain its chemistry. Doing this will protect pool surfaces, plumbing, and equipment from corrosive conditions. Maintaining pool chemistry also helps prevent staining from iron, prevent scale formation from excessive calcium, improve chlorine efficiency, and prevent algae buildup, health problems, equipment breakdowns, and cloudy water. Yes, you need the proper pool chemicals for overall maintenance.

When you open your pool for the season, it’s important to test your pool water. First, be sure that your test kit and reagents did not expire! Measure its alkalinity, pH, hardness, chlorine or bromine, total dissolved solids, and stabilizer levels.


Tip for Taking a Proper Water Sample

To take a proper water sample, use a clean cup or bottle (with cap if you’re taking it to us) and hold it upside down so that the opening is facing the floor. Insert into the water elbow-deep and turn it right side up to collect the sample. Do not take the sample near any return jets or skimmer opening.


Use Your Local Pool Professional

Don’t forget to bring a sample of your pool water to get a complimentary water test. Your local pool professional is an expert in their field. They will be happy to explain how and when to use a pool product, and what works best for your pool.

If you want to ensure that you keep your pool water balanced all season long, we recommend that you bring in a water sample to ensure that your swimming pool is maintaining the proper levels all season long. Get to know your pool professional. Some customers visit us once a week. Proper maintenance is key!

Your local pool supply like Colony Pool Service, Inc. offers the best selection of pool and spa chemicals, customer service, and is competitively priced in the area. And, we have the solution to all your pool and spa needs.