Upgrade to a salt-based pool cleaning system and ditch costly chlorine tablets.

Why a Salt System for My Pool?

Pool owners throughout southeastern PA & Delaware are switching from chlorine tablets to salt filter systems to disinfect their pools. Salt generators work by converting salt into chlorine and treating your pool with the byproduct. Essentially, you are adding a chlorine factory to your pool, which produces all the chlorine your pool needs, safely, effectively, and automatically.

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Benefits of Salt Systems

Most homeowners switch to a salt system for the convenience and ease of the system, along with the lower amount of chlorine in the water.

  • Softer skin and gentler on eyes
  • Reduced maintenance and costs
  • No need to buy, handle, or store chemicals
  • Control the amount of chlorine in the water (through pool automation system)
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Featured Brand: Pentair

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Pentair’s salt chlorine generators are known for their efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance. As a factory-certified installer of Pentair, we recommend these systems. Learn more about their products on their website or stop by our Wilmington, DE or West Chester, PA locations to discuss your options.

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