We schedule appointments on a “first-come, first-serve” basis with completed signed contract and deposit. If we cannot honor your selected week, we will notify you with an alternate date. We highly recommend that you submit your appointment request as early as possible so that we may honor your selected week.

Prices quoted are for standard systems and pools up to 800 sq.ft. Additional charges will be assessed if your swimming pool is other than standard.

Spring Pool Opening

Spring Pool Opening/Reassembly

Customer must have water level raised to operating level upon Colony Pool Service, Inc.’s arrival. All accessories and equipment removed at winterization must be left poolside for Spring Reassembly of Pool. If water level is too low and/or heater will not light, Colony Pool Service, Inc. will return at a later date.

Additional charge for return trip will be assessed and billed separately. Any necessary repairs and/or parts will be provided and billed separately. Pool Opening/Reassembly Does Not Include Removal of Pool Cover or Chemicals.

Winter Cover Removal / Fold for Storage

Remove, fold, and store pool cover on customer’s property. Pool cover must be dry prior to service appointment to avoid additional charge. If Colony Pool Service, Inc. needs to pump pool cover and/or remove debris from pool cover, additional charge will be assessed and billed separately. Price based on standard pool cover sizes.

Cover will be folded and placed neatly on pool deck for customer to store for summer. Additional charge may be assessed for oversized pool cover and covers with raised wall cable system.

If you require assistance with putting cover away in a basement, shed or garage there will an additional fee of $50 the area where cover is being place must be cleared for technicians they will not be moving your personal property for the storing of the cover

Vacuum Pool

This service will NOT be completed at day of Spring Pool Opening/Reassembly. Additional charge over (1) hour will be assessed to customer and billed accordingly. Vacuuming service will continue until swimming pool is clean, clear, and ready for use.

Additional charge will be assessed for any chemicals added or used to aid in the clean-up of pool water. If, for any reason, customer wishes to discontinue, please contact our office at (302) 762-2250.

Note: This may take numerous visits, hours, and patience.

Weekly / Bi-Weekly Maintenance Service

Service includes check and clean pump and skimmer baskets, brush down floors and walls of pool if necessary, vacuuming pool, backwash as needed, test and adjust pH, alkalinity, and hardness, check sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, etc.) and add shock as needed.

Chemicals, repairs and/or parts will be provided, as necessary, and billed separately. Bi-Weekly maintenances will have a 2.5Gal chlorine container delivered and adder per client on off week of service.

Empty & Clean Pool

Water will be pumped within 100’ of deep end (directed by customer), and pool will be washed with proper solution.

Colony Pool Service, Inc. cannot be responsible for damage to pool shell caused by underground hydrostatic water pressure. Customer is responsible for obtaining any necessary local permits relating to the discharge of swimming pool water, installing plugs and filling pool. Excessive debris, stains or discharge hose will be assessed additional charge, and billed separately. Pools larger than 20×40 may incur an additional charge.

Fall Pool Closing

Winterize Pool

Skimmers & returns will be plugged, necessary accessories will be removed and stored on premises. Pumps, motors, and diving boards will not be removed unless specifically requested. Tanks will be drained, and elements will be hosed off. Recommendations for lowering water for winterization: • Solid covers – 3” down below tile • Mesh cover or solid cover with drain panel – 12-18” below tiles

We guarantee against frost damage to the filter equipment and piping caused by our negligence, provided work is completed prior to freezing weather. We will not winterize any domestic freshwater lines and will not be responsible for any damage whatsoever caused by subsurface water or tree roots, ground movement, storms, or any circumstances beyond our control. Plugs, chemicals, and any necessary parts will be billed in addition. All winterizing plugs and covers (if applicable) need to be out and available; technicians will not go into the dwelling looking for material. Extra charge to lower pool water at $75 per hour.

Install Winter Cover

Pool cover will be installed and properly secured. Pool will be winterized and/or covered in condition found upon Colony Pool Service, Inc.

As the pool owner, you are responsible for removing debris/leaves, maintaining the cover and water level, padding rough coping, and water bag maintenance. Additional charge may be assessed for oversized pool cover, and covers with raised wall cable system. Cover must be out.

Clean and Inspect Filters

We will clean and inspect filters during closing. If we see any defects, we will bring back for repairs over the winter. We will notify you in the winter and bill you at that time.

If you have cartridge filters, we recommend soaking – which is when we soak your filters for 24 hours during the winter and return them to you. This cleans the pores out of the grids, allowing the cartridge to last all season without cleaning and can extend the life of the cartridge 5+ years.

Winter Chemicals

Tired of opening your pool green? Winter chemicals prevent the algae growth with the Borate float and phosphate removers – especially for pools with mesh covers.

For pools with mesh covers or no winter cover, we will provide an extra gallon of winter fluid that you, the pool owner, will need to add in February or March.