It’s Pool Season, And Now What?

The fact is that pool chemicals, pool supplies, and pool maintenance is an ongoing necessity for the entire pool season. And, we all agree, it is an expensive retreat. Given the age of your swimming pool, your pool equipment will need to be replaced sooner than later.

Whatever pool situation it may be, we would assume that you, as a pool owner, would be taking advantage of your local pool supply company who actually specializes in swimming pools. However, we have learned that we should never assume.

Keeping It Simple To Do Business

With a local pool company like Colony Pool Service, you can actually pick up the phone, dial, and get a human to answer. Simply explain what you are calling about, and we will direct you to the right individual. It’s that simple. Or, use our contact form, and we will be back with you during business hours within the day.

During business hours with Colony Pool Service, there’s no pressing #1 to Check Your Order, #2, Place An Order, #3, Schedule, #4, Repeat.

Since 1970, we have been fortunate to have pool owners (along with their beloved pets), who visit us at our Pool Service location. Our Delaware location is easily accessible, tax-free, and guaranteed to make maintaining your pool simple and worry-free.

Our Customers Trust Us Because We Listen, We’re Your Trusted Pool Doctor!

Our customers have the opportunity to either call us, or drop in to get either their water tested, and pretty much say, “something is not working right.” Or, “there’s a lot of algae, and now what.” Or, “okay, I see that maybe I do really need a new pool filter after all.” Or, “yep, I really should empty the pool, and get the pool cleaned up.”

Our Goal Is To Ensure That Our Customers Are Getting Something More Significant Than Just Cost For Price

  • We believe in customer service and knowledgable staff equals value.
  • We want our pool customers to know that they are important to us, and in good hands.
  • We offer quality chemicals, high-performance, and dependable swimming pool and spa equipment from industry leaders. We carry a wide range of products, extensive parts inventory, with competitive pricing. And, we are local.

If You Answer “Yes” To Any Of The Following Questions, We Know That We Can Provide You With A Much Better Pool Experience Than Going To One Of Those Big Box Stores:

  • Is Warranty Important To You?
  • Is Your Pool Plumbing Important To You?
  • Is Value Important To You?
  • Is Customer Service and Reliability Important To You?
  • Is Ease To Do Business Important To You?

Colony Pool Service, Inc. wants to know that these qualities are the value to what a pool owner should be focusing on.

Give us a visit or call us directly. We’re here to help you have the best pool season.

Happy Swimming!