Winter can be rough on your pool. Without appropriate care, your pool could look more like a pond when spring arrives. Winter Watch will save you money on repairs and can reduce monthly maintenance during the summer, so you can enjoy your pool even more.

How Winter Watch Works

Our team will periodically (approximately 2-3 times over the winter) schedule service and a visit to your pool between your closing and opening dates. You will only be charged for the actual number of visits we make.

Our Winter Watch program protects your pool from algae infestation and helps prevent damage to the tiles and coping from ice and cold winter conditions. This maintenance program will prevent your pool from looking like a pond in the spring!

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Winter Watch Program Highlights

Benefit from these incredible advantages that our Winter Watch provides:

  • Weather-driven services each winter
  • Lower the water level to prevent cracking on the tile, coping, and more
  • Treat water to prevent “pond pool” in the spring
  • Evaluate water chemistry
  • Pump excess water off cover
  • Check that pool cover is secured
  • Works seamlessly with our Pool Opening & Pool Closing  services

Winter Watch for Pools in Delaware & Southeastern PA

With locations in Wilmington, Bethany Beach, and West Chester, PA, Colony Pool Services watches over pools throughout the state of Delaware and in Southeastern PA.

About Colony Pool Services

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What Your Neighbors Are Saying

5 Star Review

I’ve been with Colony Pools for 21 years. They do maintenance, and they do openings and closings. Their customer service is excellent.

Sam Higgens, Google Review

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Gain peace of mind that your pool is protected over the winter. Contact us today to ask questions or sign up for the program.

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