A Safety Swimming Pool Cover is a Much Better Solution

Let’s face it, in our area of Wilmington, Delaware, a swimming pool is open for only half the year, at best.

When a swimming pool is covered with an old style “tarp” type pool cover in the off season, reality is that they do not offer any benefit whatsoever to your backyard pool with regards to safety or looks. Water collects on top of the tarp cover creating a dangerous situation especially if a little one, or animal happens to venture out on the tarp cover.


A Safety Pool Cover Will Save You Money In The Long Run

A safety pool cover will secure your pool through the winter, protect it from snow and debris, animal intrusion, and keep family members out of harm’s way when in the pool area. Aesthetically speaking, a safety pool cover adds beauty to your backyard.

The Benefits:

  • For commercial pools, in particular, safety pool covers save big on water because the pool does not need to be drained at the end of every season.
  • Extends the life of your pool by reducing the need for repainting or replastering.
  • Has the potential to lower your liability insurance premium.
  • Helps the environment. Keeping the pool filled means you don’t have to worry about disposing of chlorine and chemically treated water, an environmental hazard that many states are in the process of regulating.


Safety Pool Covers Are Made To Be The Exact Shape Of Your Swimming Pool…

The safety pool cover stretches tight across the pool like a trampoline creating a much nicer view to look at when the pool is closed during the winter months.

We offer a few brands of custom safety pool covers:

✓ Loop-Loc
✓ Merlin
✓ Meyco

Each manufacturer offers their own specific exclusive Computer Aided Design ensuring a perfect, custom fit for any shape or size pool and spa. We are the #1 authorized dealer in the area.


LOP LOC’s “Image-Loc” proprietary photo-measuring process ensures “a perfect fitting custom safety swimming pool cover even on a challenging pool with raised walls and spas.” Check out Loop-Loc safety pool covers to learn more.

Merlin Industries, Inc.

Merlin’s Computer-Aided Design (CAD) delivers “their best fitting custom safety pool cover.” Check out Merlin safety pool covers to learn more.


Meyco has developed a “fine expertise in designing covers, large and small, simple and complex.” Check out Meyco safety pool covers to learn more.

Safety pool covers are secured to the deck with the combination of cover straps with stainless steel springs which attach to brass anchors that are installed into the deck. These anchors thread up when the cover is on and thread down flush into the deck when the safety pool cover is removed.


Unlike Solid Waterbed Covers, a Safety Swimming Pool Cover Requires No Heavy Maintenance…


Choosing The Right Pool Cover For You

Basically Two Types Of Safety Covers: Mesh and Solid

Mesh Safety Cover
  • Water does not collect on top. There is no need to use a cover pump.
  • Leaves and debris blow off, eliminating the need to brush off.
  • Can easily be removed or installed by 2 people.


Mesh Safety Cover
  • Water level needs to be lowered at closing enough to allow for the rain water that will go through it.
  • Fine airborne dirt can filter through the the mesh, sometimes creating dirtier pool water at opening.
  • Sunlight can penetrate a mesh cover which could promote algae growth; Loop Loc and Merlin have tackled this problem with new tighter mesh designs.

Loop-Loc has introduced their “Aqua-Extreme” which is “virtually solid mesh, maximum light blocking, lightning-quick drainage, ultimate convenience.” Merlin has their “Smart Mesh.”


Solid Safety Cover
  • Less water needs to be removed at closing.
  • No sunlight or dirt will get into the pool. If the pool water was clear at closing, it should be clear at opening.
  • The cover can easily be removed or installed by 2 people.


Solid Safety Cover
  • Water will collect on top of cover requiring an automatic on/off cover pump. A pump is included with the cover
  • A solid cover can be made with drain panels, but needs to be monitored so the cover won’t clog.
  • Can be a bit heaver to handle than a mesh cover.

Whichever type of safety pool cover you choose, Mesh or Solid, for residential or commercial, protecting your family is just one of the many benefits in owning a safety swimming pool and/or spa cover.

If you are considering a new pool and/or spa cover, or just want to learn about a safety pool and/or spa cover, give us a call at (610) 947-4374 to learn more. You are under no obligation. We will arrange to come out to your measure your pool, and quote you a price. It’s that simple. And, remember that it’s not just the pool cover itself that offers safety, beauty, and ease, your pool cover will also be professionally measured and installed to ensure it’s a custom fit.

Happy Swimming!