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For Peace Of Mind, A Pool Inspection Should Always Be On Your Checklist When Purchasing A Home With A Swimming Pool.

Are You Thinking Of Buying A House With A Pool?

Since 1970, we provide swimming pool inspections for residential homeowners, and future pool owners, who are considering to purchase a home with a swimming pool. Colony Pool Service, Inc. evaluates the current condition of all accessible pool components:

  • Pool / Spa Vessel and Coping. This includes the pool and deck surface condition (cracks, discoloration and pitting) and the coping surrounding the pool (open joints, cracking). Drains are inspected from the presence of anti-vortex covers for safety reasons.
  • Pool/Spa Equipment. This includes inspection of pool/spa lights, pumps, filters, piping, timers, heaters, controls, accessories, and skimmers.
  • Pool/Spa Equipment Operation. This includes operation of the pump, inspection for leakage, proper skimming and filtration, heater activation, filter pressure and the operation of the spa blower.
  • Upon completion of the Pool/Spa Inspection, a detailed report will be generated. The report will summarize our findings and will identify areas in need of attention. Our report enables you to proceed with confidence that your pool meets code.

Check our Swimming Pool Inspection Tips before buying a home to ensure everything on your checklist meets your expectations for a safe and fun pool.  And, remember, preventive maintenance will go a long way!

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