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Pool Chemicals

Pool Chemicals Whether it's sanitizers, oxidizers, algaecides, water balancers, or bulk specialty chemicals, you can easily maintain your swimming pool by keeping your pool sparkling clean, and beautifully balanced. Make your swimming pool and spa inviting and healthy at all times by balancing your pool with the right pool chemicals all season long. The best…
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Winterize The Pool

Winterize The Pool Properly, Timely, and Annually... Protect your backyard investment by winterizing the pool before freezing temps. By annually closing the pool before freezing temps, you will prevent costly issues that could arise through the winter and/or upon spring. As we always recommend throughout the pool season, keep the pool clean, maintained, and water balanced until…
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Why You Should Invest In A Safety Pool Cover

A Safety Swimming Pool Cover Is A Much Better Solution— Let's face it, in our area of Wilmington, Delaware, a swimming pool is open for only half the year, at best. When a swimming pool is covered with an old style "tarp" type pool cover in the off season, reality is that they do not…
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Pool Tile, Coping, & Caulking

Is It Time To Repair or Replace Your Pool Tile, Coping & Caulking? When your swimming pool and spa is brand new, you have a beautiful healthy swimming pool. However, years go by, and if you live in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast cold weather climate, your pool tile and coping may begin to fade, crack,…
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